FenX is an urban artist born in 1974 in France (Hauts-de-Seine – 92).

As a teenager, he was fascinated by the street art movement: graffiti, hip hop, skateboarding. In 1995, he created his pseudonym FenX (pronounced Phénix). Rebellious, he started graffiti to defy the ban (system).

Lulled by the culture of the 1980s (manga, superheroes, comics) FenX gradually abandoned the walls and urban spots to devote himself mainly to work on canvas, a medium that allows him to perpetuate his creation.

Artists such as Lichtenstein, Warhol and the paintings of Crash fascinate him. He revisits the masterpieces of the Pop Art movement, he transcribes the urban energy on his canvases and introduces points of reflection on our society through hidden phrases, winking drawings or by the title given to his composition.

FenX’s works are exhibited in France and abroad (United States, Singapore, Holland, Hong-Kong, Oslo).