Born of a French tunisian mother and a mixed South African father, Khwezi Strydom was blended in a crossroads of cultures and influences, which he enriched through numerous travels and initiatory experiences.

After his baccalaureate, he started a university course in astrophysics before finally turning to craftsmanship: he passed a glassblower’s CAP and worked for 5 years in the crystal factory of Saint– Louis–Lès–Bitche.

In his work as a craftsman, Khwezi appreciates the repetition process of the gesture and application, to reach perfection. But after the study of the stars and the shaping of crystals, the son of an artist mother needed to create things. He then took up the spaycans and colored markers with which he graffitied when he was younger…

Khwezi finds his inspiration from the idea of communion between different cultures and from the contemplation of antagonisms of the antagonisms, like the one of the ancestral tradition in front of the search progress.

The codes of traditional cultures come back, mixed with a more contemporary urban influence… Joy and alienation are mixed in with colors  and forms that translate the artist’s attachment to he to the notion of freedom.